“The Spring of Dong Youngbae” – Interview with Jang Woo-cheol (Part 4)

Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

You performed Wedding Dress, Where You At, and Look Only At Me during your solo stage at the BIGBANG concert instead of I Need A Girl or I’ll Be There.
― I tend not to choose I Need A Girl. It’s a good song, but it feels lacking something necessary for stage performance. The reason I chose the three songs is they seem like the best fitting clothing for me. I can perform the other songs like playing roles, of course, if needed, but that’s not what I want. I want to express my feelings absolutely freely.

There’s this thing called the Proust Questionnaire. It’s the questions Marcel Proust devised while socializing with his friends, will you try to answer them? Well, let’s start. If you can change one thing of yourself, what will it be?
― (pause) Anything is fine, right? (pause) I want to get rid of too many thoughts that I have.

What’s your best source of happiness?
― Ah… (pause vacantly for a long time)

I knew you’d act like that. I knew you’d remain silent like that.
― You’re right. I want to empty my mind of all thoughts. Even at the moment I try to answer, I can’t help but continue to think if the answer is right, if it’s true, or if it’s really an apt answer.

What’s your worst fear?
― I fear nothing.

Aren’t you afraid of snakes?
― Snakes? Not really.

Who among the living do you admire most?
― (pause for a while) Ah…

Pass that question then.
― No, I’m still thinking on the fear question.

Do you have something to answer then?
― No. By the way, I’m not even afraid of ghosts.

How about bees? Or wasps?
― Bees?

How about rats?
― Rats?

Birds are scary. Flamingos or roosters.
― Roosters?

Are you thinking about all the examples one by one?
― Haha, Ah! I’m afraid of cockroaches.

You can’t kill them when they emerge?
― I rather use the repellent spray.

Is there any character in stories you can identify with?
― Luffy. He’s from One Piece.

What’s the best kind of luxury you enjoy?
― All the attention from people.

What’s your ideal vacation like?
― (pause) I want to visit Brazil. I want to see the sunrise there. And I really want to see with my own eyes the statue of Christ located on the top of the hill in Rio de Janeiro.

When do you lie?
― When I’m placed in an embarrassing situation.

What part of your appearance do you hate?
― None.

What kind of people do you despise most?
― Those who start to talk down to you even when you meet them for the first time.

Is there any word or phrase you tend to overuse?
― Recently I began saying “Call*” too often.
(Translator’s comment: *Shouting ‘Call!’ or ‘Call-iya!’ or ‘Call-iyeyo!’ when someone suggests you to do something together is a fad slang used to express your agreement and excitement over it.)

Maybe you were a person who was reluctant to “call” at something?
― Because I had to be told and persuaded before taking action, whatever the action was. But these days I just say “Call.”

What’s your best love?
― (pause for a while) Um, my best love. (pause) I’ve experienced such love just once.

Just once?
― There was just one person I really loved.

Then it’s not true that you haven’t been in love at all?
― Of course not. I can assure you this. I have once loved someone. I’ve just never gone steady with someone.

So you mean you had a secret crush on her?
― That’s not correct. What’s obvious was that I loved her so much, she knew it, and she also loved me. I think I was very deeply in love with.

Is that a story from ages ago?
― It’s not that old story. It happened soon after I made my debut. This is the first time I bring up this story. Other members also don’t know about it yet.

Why didn’t you bring it up at all?
― Just because everybody asked me if I had been in a relationship.

So you mean that you just ended up being branded as “Taeyang, who has never been a lover” while you kept contemplating whether the thing you’d experienced was a relationship or love, and whether you were asked about love or a relationship?
― That’s what happened. It may be not careful to say this, but I think I loved her so much that I doubt if I’ll be able to meet such a girl again.

Do you still get inspired from that love?
― Of course. I think I really loved her a lot. I doubt if I’ll be able to love the other person as much as back then. The feelings I had then are still vivid in my mind. I wanted to be her lover, if only she could be my lover, even if I had to give up my career. But things didn’t work out well. I had a bad ending. (pause) Can I be able to meet such a person again?

What capability do you want to have the most?
― Me? I want to fly.

How are you feeling right now?
― Quite calm.

What’s your favorite flower?
― Sunflowers.

― No. Why did I say so out of a blue? I like cactuses.

What’s your greatest achievement?
― My greatest achievement? I don’t have such a thing yet.

What’s your most cherished possession?
― I don’t cherish things. I just like white t-shirts.

Where is the place you want to live the most?
― Korea.

What’s the most remarkable characteristic of you?
― Indecisiveness.

Haha, what kind of attractiveness do you think is most necessary for men?
― Enthusiasm.

For women?
― Womanliness.

If any, what’s the theme you love to meditate on?
― The phrase “Real Recognize Real.” I thought I’d conceived the idea and coined the phrase myself, but I found out it had been already there.

Enough of the Proust questionnaire. What does singing mean to Taeyang?
― To me singing is (pause for a while) a joy. People can find a certain kind of joy in drinking or dating, but I find my own in singing. I think right now I’m at the peak of my career. But I’m not greedy.

You’re not greedy. What does it mean?
― It means I don’t feel like being chased after. I’ll be waiting for the music I’m drawing in my mind to come to me. And such a process is perfect for me.

So you want to tell us to wait more patiently?
― Nobody knows. It can happen just next day, can’t it?

You’re trolling.
― In fact, I’ve been working with a goal to finish it within this year. I’ve already prepared and still continue to do it.

There’s definitely something.
― Yes. Definitely yes. But what I ultimately want to say is I’m not greedy at all right now. Of course, my aspirations for music is just limitless. I think I’m at the peak of my career. I’m not interested in anything except music. And again, that never exhausts me. I’m in the best condition. What I’m doing is to absorb and express. Music was my priority before, too, but it sometimes became a burden on me then. Now I don’t feel like that. I’m not greedy so much that I torment myself to push ahead. I don’t care how others would see me if I would have chosen this or that kind of music. It became clear, I’m going towards the picture I drew. Everything is clear. That’s why I’m not greedy.

What occupies you is not some laziness but peace.
― Yes, that’s right.

TRANSLATED BY JEANNIE for bigbangupdates.com
Please credit if taking out.


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