B1A4 releases CF for game ‘Love Beat’


B1A4 has released a CF and interview clip for the game ‘Love Beat‘.

Love Beat is a casual game that provides the newest popular songs and the trendy dances. Users can create a character and level up by gaining a lot of combos as they perform the correct dance moves in the game.

In the interview, Sandeul talks about how he spent all night playing the game because he wanted to get better at it, but managed to only reach Level 3 because he wasn’t good playing the game. Baro suggested that they make a ‘B1A4 family’ in the game and have all their fans join the group.

Check out the CF and interview clip below!


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[INFO] The venue has opened, all BANAs’ entering the venue ^^

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BANAs inside the Kobe World Memorial Hall #BABAB1A4Japan | cr:@deul3201


130126 Inside the concert hall~! ♡♡  http://twitpic.com/byc2xrCr: swyj9295,v: WeHeartB1A4


#BABAB1A4JAPAN The PV starts!!

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Show time~ Legggggggo!!!!!


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#BABAB1A4Japan on the beginning, B1A4 did drama scene on stage (it’s like baba korea)

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#BABAB1A4Japan Sandeul sang ‘CRUSH’ for the first time on stage!!

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#BABAB1A4Japan Everyone’s solo has finished. so, all members have sang their songs SOLO

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 #BABAB1A4Japan BARO and CNU DUET!!!! >___< oh my 2woo~”

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#BABAB1A4Japan B1A4 performed their japanese songs such as tipping point, beautiful lie & empty mind


#BABAB1A4Japan B1A4 did the drama with Japanese

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#BABAB1A4Japan During the ending;
Jinyoung: BANAs, I have a favour to ask. Please say, “Jinyoung-ah, saranghae”.
BANAs: Jinyoung-ah, saranghae~!!!!
Sandeul: Why is it “Jinyoung-ah, saranghae”~? I want to hear “B1A4, saranghae!”
BANAs: B1A4, saranghae~!!!!!! |

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#BABAB1A4Japan Today’s Kobe concert has ended~~




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Hello~ I’m Jinyoung.
It’s been a while right?
I’m curious about how our BANAs have been doing.
Despite being our non-promotional period, the members are all busy.


For some weird reason today, there seems to be many things that I want to talk to our BANAs about,
But the thought of having to write it down is really tough.
I want to look at everyone’s faces, show you our hearts and tell you about how we feel recently..
But there seems to be a limitation so I’m sad.

Whenever we are done for the day and are waiting for our turn to shower, the members will monitor the fans.
When we see the thoughts of BANAs at places like The official cafe, personal blogs, fanpages and SNS, we feel as if we’re together and closer to each other.

Fans who post up their grades
Fans who got accepted into a good school with scholarship
Fans who found boyfriends (Even though we’re a little sad, if BANAs are happy we are happy too ^^)
When we see news with happy stories, we smile together.

On the other hand
There seems to be many fans who are having a hard time
So we think a lot, and worry about what could have happened.

When you are tired, it is good to take a rest.
Don’t be impatient.
They say that if you think good thoughts, only good things will happen~
Shall we try to think only good thoughts?

Since B1A4 and BANA become each other’s strength by just our existence
Let’s trust and depend on each other… Got it?

No matter where and when, let’s smile when we meet.
Just like Baro~


Even if you miss us, please think happy thoughts and wait a little longer~
We’ll appear handsomely, tad~~ah in that case~ㅋㅋ

Until then, B1A4 and BANAs will work hard at what they have to do in their respective places
And on the day we meet again, we smile at each other~ Got it?


Source: B1A4’s Official Fancafe

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com