B1A4 releases CF for game ‘Love Beat’


B1A4 has released a CF and interview clip for the game ‘Love Beat‘.

Love Beat is a casual game that provides the newest popular songs and the trendy dances. Users can create a character and level up by gaining a lot of combos as they perform the correct dance moves in the game.

In the interview, Sandeul talks about how he spent all night playing the game because he wanted to get better at it, but managed to only reach Level 3 because he wasn’t good playing the game. Baro suggested that they make a ‘B1A4 family’ in the game and have all their fans join the group.

Check out the CF and interview clip below!


Source : allkpop


[INFO] The venue has opened, all BANAs’ entering the venue ^^

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BANAs inside the Kobe World Memorial Hall #BABAB1A4Japan | cr:@deul3201


130126 Inside the concert hall~! ♡♡  http://twitpic.com/byc2xrCr: swyj9295,v: WeHeartB1A4


#BABAB1A4JAPAN The PV starts!!

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Show time~ Legggggggo!!!!!


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#BABAB1A4Japan on the beginning, B1A4 did drama scene on stage (it’s like baba korea)

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#BABAB1A4Japan Sandeul sang ‘CRUSH’ for the first time on stage!!

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#BABAB1A4Japan Everyone’s solo has finished. so, all members have sang their songs SOLO

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 #BABAB1A4Japan BARO and CNU DUET!!!! >___< oh my 2woo~”

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#BABAB1A4Japan B1A4 performed their japanese songs such as tipping point, beautiful lie & empty mind


#BABAB1A4Japan B1A4 did the drama with Japanese

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#BABAB1A4Japan During the ending;
Jinyoung: BANAs, I have a favour to ask. Please say, “Jinyoung-ah, saranghae”.
BANAs: Jinyoung-ah, saranghae~!!!!
Sandeul: Why is it “Jinyoung-ah, saranghae”~? I want to hear “B1A4, saranghae!”
BANAs: B1A4, saranghae~!!!!!! |

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#BABAB1A4Japan Today’s Kobe concert has ended~~




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