130110 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

Lady Jane and Sungmin asked why does Ryeowook dress with style today, did he go anywhere special?
Wook: yes. I did, i went to incheon today.
Min: for what? Did you have a date? *exciting voice*
Wook: i went home to mom and dad, and had tteok guk (tteok soup) too.
After that, both Sungmin and Lady Jane look bored.


(Talking about looking younger than real age)
Min: People said that about me too.
Wook: Yes indeed. You have such a baby face. You look like 28 even though you’re 29.
Min: *shock for a second* … What is that? I can even be recognized as a high school student!
Wook: Ok! Hahaha! You actually look very young. During the year end last year, we performed in China and we shared the fitting room with EXO. And then, when Sungmin-ssi was standing with them, i feel like he’s actually in the same age as EXO. Other SJ members feel the same way too.
Min: Oh~ thank you! Then, i promise i’ll keep my baby face the same throughout 2013^^


(Today’s letter is about the feeling of a woman whose little brother has been enlisted, so Sungmin talks about Lee-teuk’s enlistment)
Min: Before he went, we thought something like ‘yeah, it’s just an enlistment, he’ll be back and we’ll be fine’, but when he actually left, i felt a bit sad and the dorm feels somewhat empty.
Wook: There were so many fans sending him in that day, right? So Lee-teuk hyung didn’t get to say good bye to us properly. He stayed only for a sec and went in. My feeling was like ‘oh no… It can’t…it can’t be like this’

Thai translated: @Moojigae881217
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
Repost by : cocoaminz



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