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[T/N: ‘baton touch’ probably means B1A4 has now taken the baton to continue running (advertising) for LITMUS]

[enews24 Reporter Park Hyun Min]

Group B1A4, after FTISLAND, has been chosen as the new model for the casual clothing brand ‘LITMUS’.

LITMUS brand said,”B1A4’s bubbly personality and healthy energy is expected to represent LITMUS’ image.”

The advertisement shooting was held in one of the studios located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul for the past 7 days. The theme of 13 S/S ‘Rhythmical’ was demonstrated by B1A4’s free-spirited, young and stylish emotions.

B1A4 -who is currently advertising for hats, uniforms, games, sports apparel, in addition to LITMUS- also received many love calls from a variety of advertising brands such as for beverages, ice cream and also mobile phones.

B1A4 is regarded as one of 2013’s most anticipated mainstream idols as their first Japanese arena concerts were sold out and they have also been replacing SNSD as Music Core’s special MCs for three consecutive weeks.

(Article source: media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130220094505219)

trans cr: B1A4luvBANA

P.S (from translator): As mentioned before, my korean skills are very limited so they aren’t exactly translated word for word. It’s just to let you have an idea of what’s happening. 🙂 I guess we could look forward to seeing B1A4 on many advertisements this year! B1A4 FIGHTING! :> -mBDc.




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