130407 Sungmin leaves Sukira, Ryeowook as the sole DJ


It has been announced that Super Junior’s Sungmin will be leaving KBS Cool FM’S “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”. He has been DJing the radio program for two years and today is his lastday.

Sungmin’s departure from his seat is due to the schedule conflict with his upcoming Japanese musical ‘Summer Show’ in Osaka Japan, wherein he is the main lead.

In this case, no one will fill his chair, but his partner Ryeowook will be challenged to do DJing alone. In this, fans are assuming that Ryeowook might be joined by guest DJs from time to time or he will do it alone. Fans send their encouraging messages for the two DJs.

Earlier today, a staff from Super Junior’s official facebook page also wrote,

Today is the last day for SungMin DJing ‘Super Junior’s KISS THE RADIO’. Please support for SungMin, who will be back with new look!! [from FACEBOOK SUPER JUNIOR STAFF]

Source: Super Junior Facebook
Written by KYUriShana @ http://www.dkpopnews.net/
via sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

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