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Lee Sungmin can’t multitask. He can’t talk and do the orders at the same time.

Sungmin took a very long time to close the cap of a cup of mocha only to realise he took the wrong size after 3tries. So cute can!!!

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Sungmin looool, he hided behind a column infront the main door cos Kyu’s mom was asking people not to take pics. He looked adorable!

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Sungmin gave his signature to a fan and then all the fans were like AHHHH

Sungmin was soooo happy after receiving gifts from fans keke he bounced around

Just now Sungmin was like, sit down and take photos! Hahahahaha

Kyumom is stopping fans from taking photos saying we already took a lot xD and then Sungmin said, “please sit down”

A fan was taking a photo quite close to Sungmin and when he saw her he pretended he got scared hahahaha

Sungmin said he’s already late and he has to go…

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So we were waiting for our drinks near the counter but there was some mistake and Sungmin kept repeating ‘ice choco?’ so went ahead and was like it’s mine
SM: ah you haven’t got your drink yet?
Me: no… Oppa, do you still remember russian?
SM: (can’t hear) huh? Can i remember? I remember you but i don’t remember your name…
Me: my name?
SM: yeah, what’s your name?
Me: (insert the name)
SM: aahhh, (repeats) thank you! (Shakes my hand)
Me: spasibo (thank you in russian)
SM: huh? Oh russian! Spasibo! Spasibo bolshoe! (Thank you very much) is that right?
Me: yes! Oppa, see you in Jakarta! I am going to SS5 there..
SM: really? Okay see you then!
Me: thanks! See you!
SM: bye~

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! /dead

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