130311 BABA B1A4 in Jakarta Press Conference QnA Transcript

Disclaimer: This transcript is written based on what the journalist heard and noted down; it may not be perfectly correct due to the language translation. Please take out with full credits to zest @BANAtionINA, thank you.

Italics = Indonesian/Korean

(___) = English translation of Indonesian/Korean

Regular = English translation of Korean answers combined with MC’s Indonesian translation

[___] = Author’s note

The transcript might be devoid of emotion, but in reality, the boys keep smiling all the time and answer all questions sweetly :)

The press conference started with B1A4 members entering the room, followed by Ms. Ratu, BigDaddy’s spokesperson. The conference is divided into three parts, Introduction (from the promoter and from B1A4 members), Photo Session, Question and Answer.

Entrance sequence: CNU, Baro, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Gongchan


Apa kabar? Kami B1A4! (How are you? We are B1A4!)

CNU (C): Annyeonghaseyo. Apa kabar? (How are you?) I am the first  . . . [sorry I couldn’t really hear it quite clearly >.<], CNU. Bangapseumnida! (Nice to meet you!)

Baro (B): Apa kabar? Saya golongan darah B, Baro oppa imnida. (How are you? I am the one who has B bloodtype, Baro oppa.)

Jinyoung (J): Apa kabar? (How are you?) B1A4 leader, Jinyoung.

Sandeul (S): Apa kabar? Saya, saya Sandeul, main vocal. (How are you? I am, I am Sandeul, main vocal.)

Gongchan (G): Apa kabar? Saya yang paling muda, Gongchan. (How are you? I am the youngest one, Gongchan.)


Photo session:

Left, centre, right, centre. Back to seat.


Question and Answer:

What do you think about Indonesian BANA? Apa pendapat kalian tentang BANA Indonesia?

C: Indonesian BANA is always special to us, they always support us. [I summarize it because CNU kept repeating the same phrase with different diction, lol] BANA Indonesia selalu special untuk kami, mereka selalu mendukung kami.

How do you feel since this is your first time to Indonesia? Bagaimana perasaan kalian, karena ini adalah kunjungan pertama kalian ke Indonesia?

J: We really want to meet Indonesian fans. We were so far apart [the far distance of Korea – Indonesia] but we wanted to meet Indonesian BANA. Kami sangat ingin bertemu dengan fans Indonesia. Kami terpisah oleh jarak yang sangat jauh tapi kami ingin bertemu dengan BANA Indonesia.

We already know about BANA as the name of the fandom; but why is the concert entitled “BABA”? Kami sudah tahu tentang BANA sebagai nama fandom; tetapi mengapa konser kalian bertajuk “BABA”?

B: In other languages it might not mean anything, but in Korean, “BABA” is pronounced similar to bwa bwa, means “look at me”. So we want fans to watch us, to look at us. Kalau dalam bahasa lain mungkin “BABA” tidak berarti apa-apa, tapi dalam bahasa Korea, “BABA” diucapkan mirip dengan bwa bwa yang berarti “lihat saya”. Jadi kami ingin fans menonton kami, melihat kami.


to be continued . . .


Credit : BANAtionINA