130526 “patient Kyu doesn’t look good today, on the contrary injured Ming jumping up and down” [Fan Account]

Ming Oppa is really fast even though in clutches! He went in car alone! He point his finger to me when he saw me short of breath after chasing him, and said why you bring such a huge camera… then i said Oppa you are too fast! So he show a V sign and said Asa!

The two patients… after getting off from car, other member walk straight away, patient Kyu walking behind Ming Oppa >< patient Kyu doesn’t look good today, on the contrary injured Ming jumping up and down >< please get well soon both of you, healthy Ming and Kyu is most adorable XDDD

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130526 Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting (Busan) with Super Junior [FanAccounts]

oh sungmin said the skateboards are gift from shindong !! he gave one to each one of them !!

min said he injured while playing the skateboard and its not even necessary (lol) so he said don’t worry about it


first song is mr simple but no sungmin on stage. he only sang while sitting on the right side of the stage

the same situation for sorry sorry. then he only just sat and sing for the next 2 songs

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siwon and hyuk shook hands with fans during the photo taking but the last person was stopped by the staff u_u

donghae held out his hands to every kids who come and keep following them with his eyes ><

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omg eunhae sang the rap part in i wanna dance aaaaaa dhjdjdjeksmw

the fan who won the gift from donghae gave him a neck-oscillating ironman dolls, and did the immitation of it with siwon while staring at it. then he hugged the doll and put it on the table while siwon continued the immitation ><

hae’s japanese today, “nanka wakannai kedo kawaii” means “i dont understand but its cute” and “ue desu, shita desu” means “up and down” AAAA CUTE TT

hyuk’s japanese today, “itsu yaruka, ima deshou” means “when are you going to do, now right” LOL

aaaaa eunhae also did the choreo for i wanna danceee jdjekdkeksmw

hyuk wanted to greet each of the fans who won the gifts but was blocked by wook, kangin and shindong kkk

The fan who won gift from donghae is his fan and hae kissed the back of her hand sddrjdjssbx

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After shindong’s talk about the delicious food he ate in japan, hyuk said “i also have food i wanna eat in japan, — the japanese fans’ love !”

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hyukjae asked for a kiss from donghae and donghae shoved him away HAHAHA

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