130526 “Ming oppa’s leg wrapped and he was in crutches” [Fan Account]

Ming oppa’s leg wrapped and he was in crutches… members joking with him all the way.. today, members that not feeling well will sit business class, while others sit economy class… Sungmin oppa said he was embarrassed… yesterday Ming’s mum told me (fan) that Ming’s leg was not serious just the wrapping was too serious making people worry ><

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130526 “patient Kyu doesn’t look good today, on the contrary injured Ming jumping up and down” [Fan Account]

Ming Oppa is really fast even though in clutches! He went in car alone! He point his finger to me when he saw me short of breath after chasing him, and said why you bring such a huge camera… then i said Oppa you are too fast! So he show a V sign and said Asa!

The two patients… after getting off from car, other member walk straight away, patient Kyu walking behind Ming Oppa >< patient Kyu doesn’t look good today, on the contrary injured Ming jumping up and down >< please get well soon both of you, healthy Ming and Kyu is most adorable XDDD

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130526 Lotte Duty Free Fan Meeting (Busan) with Super Junior [FanAccounts]

oh sungmin said the skateboards are gift from shindong !! he gave one to each one of them !!

min said he injured while playing the skateboard and its not even necessary (lol) so he said don’t worry about it


first song is mr simple but no sungmin on stage. he only sang while sitting on the right side of the stage

the same situation for sorry sorry. then he only just sat and sing for the next 2 songs

Credit: @soosoomisoo

siwon and hyuk shook hands with fans during the photo taking but the last person was stopped by the staff u_u

donghae held out his hands to every kids who come and keep following them with his eyes ><

Credit: @shiru0404

omg eunhae sang the rap part in i wanna dance aaaaaa dhjdjdjeksmw

the fan who won the gift from donghae gave him a neck-oscillating ironman dolls, and did the immitation of it with siwon while staring at it. then he hugged the doll and put it on the table while siwon continued the immitation ><

hae’s japanese today, “nanka wakannai kedo kawaii” means “i dont understand but its cute” and “ue desu, shita desu” means “up and down” AAAA CUTE TT

hyuk’s japanese today, “itsu yaruka, ima deshou” means “when are you going to do, now right” LOL

aaaaa eunhae also did the choreo for i wanna danceee jdjekdkeksmw

hyuk wanted to greet each of the fans who won the gifts but was blocked by wook, kangin and shindong kkk

The fan who won gift from donghae is his fan and hae kissed the back of her hand sddrjdjssbx

Credit: @mai860824

After shindong’s talk about the delicious food he ate in japan, hyuk said “i also have food i wanna eat in japan, — the japanese fans’ love !”

Credit: @mairooom
Translation by: zureq ♪ ‏@hyukarmpits

hyukjae asked for a kiss from donghae and donghae shoved him away HAHAHA

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Translation by: mish ‏@mish_shellx
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130524 Sungmin at Kona Beans [FanAccounts]

Lee Sungmin can’t multitask. He can’t talk and do the orders at the same time.

Sungmin took a very long time to close the cap of a cup of mocha only to realise he took the wrong size after 3tries. So cute can!!!

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Sungmin looool, he hided behind a column infront the main door cos Kyu’s mom was asking people not to take pics. He looked adorable!

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Sungmin gave his signature to a fan and then all the fans were like AHHHH

Sungmin was soooo happy after receiving gifts from fans keke he bounced around

Just now Sungmin was like, sit down and take photos! Hahahahaha

Kyumom is stopping fans from taking photos saying we already took a lot xD and then Sungmin said, “please sit down”

A fan was taking a photo quite close to Sungmin and when he saw her he pretended he got scared hahahaha

Sungmin said he’s already late and he has to go…

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So we were waiting for our drinks near the counter but there was some mistake and Sungmin kept repeating ‘ice choco?’ so went ahead and was like it’s mine
SM: ah you haven’t got your drink yet?
Me: no… Oppa, do you still remember russian?
SM: (can’t hear) huh? Can i remember? I remember you but i don’t remember your name…
Me: my name?
SM: yeah, what’s your name?
Me: (insert the name)
SM: aahhh, (repeats) thank you! (Shakes my hand)
Me: spasibo (thank you in russian)
SM: huh? Oh russian! Spasibo! Spasibo bolshoe! (Thank you very much) is that right?
Me: yes! Oppa, see you in Jakarta! I am going to SS5 there..
SM: really? Okay see you then!
Me: thanks! See you!
SM: bye~

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! /dead

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121211 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia with Super Junior M [FanAcc]

Okay as requested by my friends hahahaha! Here’s my fanaccount of SJM Showcase in Malaysia 2012:
Me and my friends had actually queued from the night before at two different places, one right in front of the official queue and the other outside the uzone area. My friend (@hongkifany) and I arrived at the venue at around 8 or so, and we went to join our friends at the official queue. But everything turned chaotic afterwards so we just left the queue and joined the uzone queue.
Just for those who are not sure of how this works, we are supposed to buy a SIM card sort of thing, and top up/upgrade it by adding 50RM to be able to enjoy the privilege of entering the venue first. Of course we did pay in the end lol.
So we went in and managed to get the first row of the Super Zone pit. It was really lucky tho. Anyway let me just skip the part where we were all waiting for the concert to start bc it was practically hell.
Then the concert started at around 8:15, and BTOB was the first to come onto stage.
I have to admit that I don’t know them at all before this showcase. But I’ve heard of their band name. Not being biased or anything, but they were really hot and they were so close to us! They give quite good fanservices and we were all so high hehehe.
Around the 3rd song, they started walking around the stage and Changseob (? I just know that he’s the maknae) was walking along the left extended stage. (just FYI, I was like at the left side of the first row). I was waving my lightstick like some mad woman and he was just ignoring all of us OTL and just when I thought he was going to go bak onto the main stage, he suddenly turned and shook my hand T^T it was a real shaking of hands and not just a touch! I died at his cute face lol.
….. And last but definitely not the least, SJM finally came out. At the start Hyukjae didn’t look happy and he had a really solemn expression on his face. I was really worried but continued holding up my board not knowing if he saw it or not….then everything went normal like their other performances until the Q&A session.
Before the session they were performing and I was holding up my Hyukjae fanboard and I’m quite sure Donghae saw it cause I caught him glancing at the board’s direction a few times lol. But even thought he knew that I was a Hyukjae fan, he still responded to my wave during the intros and stared at me. When I was waving I actually didn’t expect him to respond but he did. I was so shocked and taken aback I was sudden shy for a moment (lol wtf) so I covered my mouth with my hand and looked down for abit before looking up again. When I looked up I found him still staring at me T^T I was paralysed and then he smiled that stupid smile before turning away. fuck my life is perfect.
During the Q&A session, Sungmin had picked the question “Who will you date if you’re a girl?” So the selection started until Kyuhyun picked Donghae. (I DIED) Hyukjae was so damnit obvious ohmygad he was like “Why? why?” lmao. So it was Donghae’s run to pick and we were all chanting “Lee Hyukjae”. Donghae looked damn shy omg fainted at that moment. So the members pushed him towards Hyukjae and Hyukjae began to act all sexy and stuff by removing half of his jacket. (lol that bitch I almost had a nosebleed) But Hyukjae picked Zhoumi and claimed that he liked taller guys. Wtf I flipped and laughed so bad. He did this gay pose by lifting up his right leg and placing his both hands onto Zhoumi’s shoulder. Omg screams gay at him!!!!
And then the next song came up and the boys began walking around. Donghae was at the main stage and he actually posed for the girl who was standing beside me and taking a Polaroid of him. He’s just so damn nice ohfuck.
So I tried my luck and waved out Polaroid at him. He saw but he stood up and pointed at us before nodding as walking off the other direction. Lol I had no idea what he was trying to do. But after that, he came onto the left extended stage and I tried my luck again. I was super close to the stage and I could touch the stage easily so I reached out and passed him the Polaroid cam. He look at me again and then smiled before grabbing the Polaroid. Omg that moment was damn fucking shocking. His fingers brushed against my hands and I felt chills running up and down my spine PMSL!!!! Then there was this fan from behind who threw a towel at him and it hit his chest then thighs and then the ground. lmao he looked normal as if nothing happened tho. then i reached out and grabbed the towel xD http://twitpic.com/bl41b3


Then he posed and took a picture of himself with us. Then he passed it back to me. Then I shook his hands again hahaha omg died. Okay his camera skills really suck so bad I want to squish him lmao. Well you can judge it for yourselves. http://twitpic.com/bl41vc


At the end when the boys were taking their leave, Hyukjae and Donghae were the last to go over to the left extended stage to say their goodbyes, and I was once again holding onto my fanboard and waving it. At the last moment when he walked past me, he suddenly turned and looked at the fanboard before looking at me and grinning. Omg his eyes were the signature one-eye-big-one-eye-small eyes. It was so fucking cute omg I wanted to just kill myself on the spot because my life is perfect oh dear goddddd.
So the concert ended and my friend and I left the venue and just sat on a random edge outside the mall waiting for her parents to arrive. Then suddenly this two white can with tinted windows drove out and tadaaaa it’s sj lol! we were so tired so we didn’t chase but fans were crazy. They ran to the vans and started hitting on the window. Fucking rude please.
But anyway, this is my experience at SJM Showcase and I felt it was worth it. oh wells. thanks for reading through my spazzings and craps lol.

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