At the press conference held on 15 April 2013 2PM at Sangam-dong CJ E&M Centre, B1A4’s Jinyoung spoke up about being casted in tvN new drama’s She is Wow.


Jinyoung talked about being cast in a rated 19+ drama, commenting that “it may be very different from the image of me the fans have been seeing.”  He revealed that “I thought it was very different from my actual self but I started thinking whether I really have this side to myself too” and “I’ve grown more attached and it’s more interesting. It’ll be a new image for the fans too, so I think they will watch it interestingly too.”


Jinyoung said that he secretly monitored (the comments) the fancafe often. “When I read them, half of them are worried and the other half looking forward to how I will turn out. My role is that of a problem child, but my image is not so and I think I’m quite caring. In some way, I worried a lot because I was supposed to be a problem child of a legendary level.”


Continuing on, Jinyoung said that “there are no revealing scenes and even though there is a kiss scene, it is not that sort of kiss scene. In a more interesting terminology, it’s the head-butting of lips. I was worried about it being rated 19+, but luckily it’s 15+. I definitely feel more comfortable.”


Jinyoung chose his role models as he watched the numerous idols take on acting in dramas and movies while singing. He brought up Park Yoochun, who was reborn perfectly as an acting-idol throughSungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. “I really like senior Park Yoochun’s acting. I felt that his acting was authentic.” He also mentioned being impressed by senior TOP‘s acting in 71 Into The Fire, commenting that even though the other actors were also cool, he could feel what TOP was trying to express with just his eyes. He revealed that “recently, I have also been practicing acting with my eyes.”


Jinyoung said “even though I did monitor my scene at the filming location, I’m worried about whether it will turn out well when made into the real episode.” When asked about Jinyoung’s acting, Oh Hyunkyung clapped while revealing that she was surprised at how much better Jinyoung was than expected.


B1A4 member Jinyoung commented that “this is my first time challenging acting. Maybe because it’s my first time, the director worried a lot. Not only did he do a character analysis with me, he also helped a lot”, offering his thanks. He also said that “there are members who have had acting experience so I received a lot of advice.Member Sandeul had experience with a musical so he offered to practice the script with me. I was really happy that the members took interest in my acting.”


He elaborated that “Sandeul took on the female character and was totally engrossed in acting.” He continued on to say “there was a scene that I cannot explain here [T/N: the kiss scene mentioned below], but he helped me out while being all immersed in his emtions. I am really thankful that the members are giving me so much interest.”


Ahn Sunyoung then exposed that “the day before today, Jinyoung said that he had his first kiss in 6 years and today his expression looks good“, causing Jinyoung to say flusteredly that he didn’t have his first kiss at 17 years old but it was his first peck.


Jinyoung honestly confessed the ranking of acting ability in his team. When he received the question of who acts well in the group from a reporter, he said that “CNU did a drama, and Sandeul did a musical so it is hard to make a comparison.” Upon being asked to rank them, he said that “both of them are good. I can’t really choose one. But I think I am not faring any worse than Sandeul and CNU,” arousing laughter. He also received the question of which acting-dol around him seems exceptional, to which he answered that he doesn’t treat them as competitors and that all of them are amazing.


Even though Jinyoung has been gaining popularity as the ‘composer-dol’ amongst idol group members, he revealed at his happiness through a confession that “at the same time I debuted as a singer, I wanted to act too. And luckily a good drama came in. I’m excited and happy to be getting closer to yet another one of life’s new chances. Jinyoung is currently studying acting in Cheongju National University. [T/N: The original article says Chungju National University 충주대, but it is confirmed by Jinyoung to be Cheongju National University 청주대.] 


She is Wow talks about the stories of national announcer Gong Junghan (played by Park Sungwoong) and top female actress Jo Ara (played by Oh Hyunkyung) living desperately as a “show window” couple so as to not break the illusion of living a perfect life. Cast includes Oh Hyunkyung, Park Sungwoong, Han Jungsu, Ahn Sunyoung, B1A4’s Jinyoung, Kwon Yul and more. The first episode will air on 18 April at 11PM and will continue every Thursday.




This is a compilation of 7 news reports, so please credit all 7 sources properly.


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Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com

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130322 Defense Square Radio Interview with Leeteuk [Transcript]

DJ: The Promise performed for the first time yesterday in Daegu. Are you tired?
Leeteuk: I am a bit tired but I’m okay. I had a very fun time.

DJ: How were the reactions of the audiences from Daegu?
Leeteuk: Because the musical’s setting is in war time Daegu, it became a very meaningful performance. And the audience welcomed us very well so I was very happy

DJ: Your role this time is a soft-hearted, and caring role. Is it close to your real personality?
Leeteuk: People who watched it say it is close to my personality. Because I tried to show the character my way, I think it appears to be similar

DJ: Have you ever sacrificed many things to keep a promise with someone?
Leeteuk: hm… before I debuted with “Super Junior”, …. because I am the leader, I made a promise with the members. I promised with the members, “As a hyung, as a leader, I will sacrifice myself the most. But I will work hard. So let’s spread the name ‘Super Junior’ not just around Korea but across the whole world.” I feel that I have been able to do as promised, so I feel very relieved.

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130311 KanFun Magazine No. 92 Issue with Sungmin [TRANS]

SungMin, a member of Super Junior which is Asia No,1 Multi Entertainment Group will stand on the second Musical stage in Japan.

He was casted as triple main cast of “Summer Snow” which will start at Amashin Archaic Hall in Hyogo. The original of this musical is the drama which was broadcasted starring Domoto Tsuyoshi of Kinki Kids (Japanese Idol group) in 2000 in Japan.
SungMin who is really busy preparing to show his new appearance to his fans in the tight schedule that was in parallel with group activities talked about new musical.

~I want to respond to the impressed which I got last time.~

This interview was held in the same place with they had a press con of “Summer Snow”.
In spite of really busy schedule, He appeared with the really fresh smile and proceeded to talk in friendly atmosphere.

Q: What is the most impressed scene of “Summer Snow” (JP drama)?
It’s the first dating scene. I’m really interested in Scuba Diving, so I thought about how I will do if I’m in the same situation. I also thought about how happy the trip with a beloved woman is! I was jealous of their dating, and also it was the most beautiful scene of the drama.

Q: This musical is the second one for you since Jack the Ripper. This time, there are stages not only in Tokyo but in Kansai. What do you think about it?
I received lots of impressed by many audiences in Jack the Ripper last year, and I really thank to them. So this time, I’ll put much more effort to respond to the impressed which many fans gave me. There are more numbers of performances than JTR, so I’m looking forward to seeing more fans in Kansai-area as well.
Q: What’s the biggest attraction of musicals for you??
I like to watch musicals as an audience as well. I can feel LIVE when I watch musicals.
So, I think the best points of musicals are that we can take heart-to-heart contact, can see each other nearby and can enjoy live songs and acts.
As an actor, I can feel a good electric shock when my acting and other actors’ work perfectly. And also I never forget the smiles of audiences who were impressed by the musical, at the curtain call.

Q: Any influences in your music-activities??
Yes. I’d got nervous on stages before I experienced musicals, and tried to show just only what I’d prepared. But after I experienced musicals, I can be much free on stages. Now I can express my feeling well on stages in concerts, and can take communication with audiences. I think I became mature much^^

Q: Any points which u and Natsuo (main cast of JP Summer Snow) look like?
I think Natsuo is like a mother who wants to take care of people around him. He actually looks after his brother and sister after their parents past away in the story. I think Natsuo has a strong will which he wants to protect his family even at the expense of his own. I also have such a will. I want to take care of people around me, also I act over watching others or atmosphere carefully. I think this common point will work well on me to play a role of Natsuo.

Q: Summer Snow means a miracle. Do u believe a miracle?
Recently I became to believe a miracle. A son of my friend got disease, but hopefully he’s getting better now. After tt, I became to believe a miracle. When I think of “Summer Snow”, I often think about the boy.

Q: You misunderstood your role as Seiji at first??
Exactly. I got a wrong information tt my role is Seiji. Seiji looks like Daniel of Jack the Ripper. He wants to do anything for his beloved person. When I analyzed Seiji and studying his personality, I really hated Natsuo because Natsuo is a really damnable person to me. When I was watching the drama long ago, I liked Natsuo, so it was strange for me to become hating Natsuo. However, after I heard tt my role is Natsuo, I became hating Seiji^^ but I’ve already understood both of them well, so I can play the role of Natsuo better if I study about him more^^

Q: So it means you have already started to create the role??
Yes. I’m reading the script with Natuo’s feeling again. I’m taking a note which feeling is on the word, what Natsuo thinks about it. By those work, I feel I can be a writer as well^^ It’s like I’m writing about Natsuo’s next future^^

Q: I know that Super Junior are all good friends. Did u get any msg or advice??
(with playful smile)
It’s gonna b my second musical in Japan, so they are jealous of it.^^
But they all support me and said “Fighting!”.

Q: What are u looking forward in Japan except ur job?
If I have enough time, I want to go around the places I can eat tasty Japanese food, go to Hot Spring, and lie down whole day^^ There are lots of Japanese traditional Hot Spring! I want to go there. I know that in those places, we can get breakfast in line~(Min opened his arms^^) and take a bath at noon, and again get the lunch in line~^^ and take a bath again…etc!!^^ I want to experience those “in line~~” XD

Q: I hope u can.
(in Japanese)honto ni sou omoimasu^^; (means “I really hope so, too” in Eng.)

Q: You r really busy with group activity and solo activity, but what is ur way to release stress??
I’m trying to think it fun to think of jobs. Everyone has difficult time, so I’m trying to think how I can enjoy those times. By thinking such things, I can release stress.

Q: You are really positive!
I don’t know if u say like this, but in Korea we say “Do you hide ur honey jar in ur house?” when we see people who try to go home early. The honey jar means favorite things. I also have my own “honey jar” in my house. If I think of my “honey jar” at home, I’m looking forward it and I can consume my hard schedule well.

Q: Can you tell me ur future dream or goal?
I’ve done many things till now, but I’m not still mature. I have lots of songs and acting which I want to try. By doing them one by one, I want to grow myself little by little. I’m happy if my fans enjoy seeing me making an effort^^

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130311 BABA B1A4 in Jakarta Press Conference QnA Transcript

Disclaimer: This transcript is written based on what the journalist heard and noted down; it may not be perfectly correct due to the language translation. Please take out with full credits to zest @BANAtionINA, thank you.

Italics = Indonesian/Korean

(___) = English translation of Indonesian/Korean

Regular = English translation of Korean answers combined with MC’s Indonesian translation

[___] = Author’s note

The transcript might be devoid of emotion, but in reality, the boys keep smiling all the time and answer all questions sweetly :)

The press conference started with B1A4 members entering the room, followed by Ms. Ratu, BigDaddy’s spokesperson. The conference is divided into three parts, Introduction (from the promoter and from B1A4 members), Photo Session, Question and Answer.

Entrance sequence: CNU, Baro, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Gongchan


Apa kabar? Kami B1A4! (How are you? We are B1A4!)

CNU (C): Annyeonghaseyo. Apa kabar? (How are you?) I am the first  . . . [sorry I couldn’t really hear it quite clearly >.<], CNU. Bangapseumnida! (Nice to meet you!)

Baro (B): Apa kabar? Saya golongan darah B, Baro oppa imnida. (How are you? I am the one who has B bloodtype, Baro oppa.)

Jinyoung (J): Apa kabar? (How are you?) B1A4 leader, Jinyoung.

Sandeul (S): Apa kabar? Saya, saya Sandeul, main vocal. (How are you? I am, I am Sandeul, main vocal.)

Gongchan (G): Apa kabar? Saya yang paling muda, Gongchan. (How are you? I am the youngest one, Gongchan.)


Photo session:

Left, centre, right, centre. Back to seat.


Question and Answer:

What do you think about Indonesian BANA? Apa pendapat kalian tentang BANA Indonesia?

C: Indonesian BANA is always special to us, they always support us. [I summarize it because CNU kept repeating the same phrase with different diction, lol] BANA Indonesia selalu special untuk kami, mereka selalu mendukung kami.

How do you feel since this is your first time to Indonesia? Bagaimana perasaan kalian, karena ini adalah kunjungan pertama kalian ke Indonesia?

J: We really want to meet Indonesian fans. We were so far apart [the far distance of Korea – Indonesia] but we wanted to meet Indonesian BANA. Kami sangat ingin bertemu dengan fans Indonesia. Kami terpisah oleh jarak yang sangat jauh tapi kami ingin bertemu dengan BANA Indonesia.

We already know about BANA as the name of the fandom; but why is the concert entitled “BABA”? Kami sudah tahu tentang BANA sebagai nama fandom; tetapi mengapa konser kalian bertajuk “BABA”?

B: In other languages it might not mean anything, but in Korean, “BABA” is pronounced similar to bwa bwa, means “look at me”. So we want fans to watch us, to look at us. Kalau dalam bahasa lain mungkin “BABA” tidak berarti apa-apa, tapi dalam bahasa Korea, “BABA” diucapkan mirip dengan bwa bwa yang berarti “lihat saya”. Jadi kami ingin fans menonton kami, melihat kami.


to be continued . . .


Credit : BANAtionINA