130407 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript] (Last Day Ming DJ)

Guest: “Do you change your room furniture layout in spring?”
Ryeowook: “I push my bed to one side (in winter)… and I have furniture standing on the other side… the room is cramped (in winter) so it looks like you can only sleep in there. So for spring, i’m thinking of changing the arrangements.”

Ryeowook: “Sungmin-ssi has sung 물들어 before during concerts.”
Sungmin: “I have!”
Ryeowook: “So during the rehearsal, I raised (a bottle of) water to disturb him. All of our members raised (a bottle of) water.”

Sungmin (message to his parents): “You always said you were happy to be able to listen to your son’s voice every night… I will no longer be able to let you listen every night.. I’m sorry about that.. and I love you.. from now on, I’ll let you listen daily through phone calls…”
Ryeowook: “Because we live in dorms, we aren’t able to talk to them often.”
Sungmin: “yes.. but recently, I called them often. I had a reason to ㅋㅋ”
Ryeowook: “You are a good son.”

Sungmin: “I am not good in singing…”
Ryeowook: “no, you are good!”
Sungmin: “Thanks.. but my techniques… aren’t as good.. so I try to express all my heart every time I sing..”
Ryeowook: “I feel that too every time i listen to you sing.. even recorded on CDs”

Ryeowook: “I chose to sing 다행이다 before with Sungmin DJ.. but he was the one so great in singing it! I got surprised”

Sungmin: “At first, my voice tone was high… like Ryeowook-ssi’s. And as time passed, my voice found it’s own color.. and became what it is now.”

Ryeowook: “The 연애학개론 acting segment was actually for Sungmin DJ to be the main… but he told the script writer, ‘Ryeowook-ee has too little segment. Please make him main sometimes too.. increase his lines too please.’ He’s very kind,”

Ryeowook: “When we went out to eat, everybody told me not to do drunk (voice) acting anymore.”
Sungmin: “Your drunk acting makes it comical”
Ryeowook: “But doesn’t it make it funny?”
Sungmin: “It’s… not the funny we need in it.. like a sitcom funny… your funny leads it to more of… gag concert.”

Sungmin: “Best part about the voice acting was ‘Ya Lee Sungmin!’ and ‘ya Kim Ryeowook!’
Ryeowook: “Ya Lee Sungmin! That’s actually our script writer noona’s tone…. Ya Lee Hyukjae! … the script writer noona has been here since Eunteuk DJs. kkkk”

Fan: “Please do voice imitation of Kiki again”
Ryeowook: “What is this?”
Sungmin: “When you weren’t here… I got so lonely, I brought Kiki.. and did like.. ‘Let’s go listen to commercials’ ‘(pretending to be Kiki) OKAY~’”
Ryeowook: “I see…”


Sungmin has guitar out~ sang short parts of songs fans requested. Sungmin: “It’s been a while since I played guitar.. so I have forgotten … a lot..”

Fan: “Sungmin oppa, please give a kiss on Ryeowook DJ’s cheek”
Sungmin “…. “
Ryeowook: “okay. do it~” (puts cheek out)
Sungmin: “…. let’s move on.”

Sungmin: “Radio is not a place I can come and go as I wish…but I have talked about this with Ryeowook… He’ll be protecting the DJ seat.. and after all my schedules have been finished, I come back … I hope it happens..”

Sungmin: “first, I am sorry to Leeteuk/Eunhyuk-ssi.. and also to Ryeowook-ssi.”
Ryeowook: “why?”
Sungmin: “we.. promised Leeteuk/Eunhyuk-ssi… to keep the spot and protect it till they are able to come back.”
Ryeowook: “After the army services..”
Sungmin: “for them to come back to these seats… No matter what I do… musicals.. and things from now on.. please continue to cheer for me.. Ryeowook will do.. well from now.. so please cheer for him… Thank you for listening to Sukira with me.. This… is the end of my DJing..”
Ryeowook: “It must feel weird for him … and it feels weird for me too.. since today is also last day for double DJ for me… we talked about everything when we were overseas… and I knew about this earlier… so we started to prepare.. I also thought about leaving too.. but he said I will do well.. and he also promised to come back if he could… I felt very touched… I want to say thank you to him.. Thank you.”
Sungmin: “I am thankful too. I feel that I have been able to do DJing well because Ryeowook-ssi was next to me.. I honestly.. am very honest.. My expressions.. and voice gives it away.. Some days of the radio, I felt very bad… Ryeowook-ssi pulled me from the side… I feel very thankful… Thank you.. It’s finally time to say goodbye… Last song is 머문다 by Super Junior.. Is it time for the Mic to turn off? I want to be here till it turns off..”
Ryeowook: “Let’s say goodbye now..”
Sungmin: “Let’s share another kiss tomorrow… mwa..”

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130407 Sungmin leaves Sukira, Ryeowook as the sole DJ


It has been announced that Super Junior’s Sungmin will be leaving KBS Cool FM’S “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio”. He has been DJing the radio program for two years and today is his lastday.

Sungmin’s departure from his seat is due to the schedule conflict with his upcoming Japanese musical ‘Summer Show’ in Osaka Japan, wherein he is the main lead.

In this case, no one will fill his chair, but his partner Ryeowook will be challenged to do DJing alone. In this, fans are assuming that Ryeowook might be joined by guest DJs from time to time or he will do it alone. Fans send their encouraging messages for the two DJs.

Earlier today, a staff from Super Junior’s official facebook page also wrote,

Today is the last day for SungMin DJing ‘Super Junior’s KISS THE RADIO’. Please support for SungMin, who will be back with new look!! [from FACEBOOK SUPER JUNIOR STAFF]

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130326 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

Sungmin: When did you feel that you have achieved something?
Ryeowook: This time… when we did Super Show.

Wook:We are starting world tour soon.. I felt that we will do very well.
Sungmin: We’re going to SA next. We will go and do well!

Ryeowook: Because we have many members and birthdays, we have decided not to take care of gifting each other on birthdays… But one time, I saw Donghae-ssi giving Eunhyuk-ssi an expensive watch for his birthday and I felt really betrayed
Sungmin: Lee Donghae, you can’t do this!
Ryeowook: I knew they were close friends but .. I thought ‘what about me?’
Sungmin: Right! … but I did this too
Ryeowook: To Eunhyuk-ssi?
Sungmin : Yes on his birthday..
Ryeowook: Does he look poor? like his face makes you want to take care of him? I also took care of him often..
Sungmin: Me too .. ㅋㅋ

Sungmin said Ryeowook’s laughter recently changed to “fwahahahaha” and that it sounds stupid ㅋㅋ Ryeowook said he changed from “Uwahaha” (high) to “Fwahaha” (lower tone) because his throat hurt if he laughed too much in high tone ㅋㅋ

Beige said her skin is dry these days and Sungmin said “really? Why is my skin so moist then?” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Sungmin: We crossdressed & wore heels in the concerts this time…your legs hurt really bad..but your legs look longer.. and you look prettier

Sungmin said he got surprised by his own beauty ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Lowest heel worn out of 4 members (crossdressed at SS5)was 8-9cm.// Sungmin said he wore 13cm-14cm heel for his performance.
Sungmin “I don’t ever want to wear it again.. wait. we’re doing a world tour… I’m doomed.”

Sungmin said members are into watching documentaries these days ㅋㅋㅋ

Sungmin is interested in learning about how to raise children these days >w<
Sungmin: I don’t think I can raise a child
Ryeowook: I was a bad child ㅋㅋㅋ…

Ryeowook: My dad was really good in drinking, but these days he stopped drinking. He said it’s hard on his body now.

Ryeowook: Donghae-ssi and I were watching TV. He laughed at something funny on TV. I missed it because I was thinking something else so I asked what he laughed at. He said “I don’t know.”

Sungmin: In Super Show 1, we were fine doing 4 hard songs in a row. Now, we can barely sing 3 songs in a row. You pant more than you sing.

Sungmin said he feels happy when girls call him “oppa~” Ryeowook said he likes hearing both “oppa” and “hyung”

Ryeowook/SungMin said they both have bruises on their knees’ from kneeling performances from SS5
Ryeowook: If we were performing on stage, we’d do it hard like normal. But during practice, we kneeled soft~ly.

Sungmin: I feel comfortable only if I shower with warm water even during summer.

Ryeowook says his parents still fight a lot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but he finds it cute ㅋㅋ

Guest: Since I’m old, I can’t even feel warm in ‘warm bath’. I can feel heat when I go in ‘hot bath’
Sungmin: Yes!
Ryeowook: What if you feel hot in ‘cold bath’?
Sungmin: Then you need to go to the hospital.

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