130322 Defense Square Radio Interview with Leeteuk [Transcript]

DJ: The Promise performed for the first time yesterday in Daegu. Are you tired?
Leeteuk: I am a bit tired but I’m okay. I had a very fun time.

DJ: How were the reactions of the audiences from Daegu?
Leeteuk: Because the musical’s setting is in war time Daegu, it became a very meaningful performance. And the audience welcomed us very well so I was very happy

DJ: Your role this time is a soft-hearted, and caring role. Is it close to your real personality?
Leeteuk: People who watched it say it is close to my personality. Because I tried to show the character my way, I think it appears to be similar

DJ: Have you ever sacrificed many things to keep a promise with someone?
Leeteuk: hm… before I debuted with “Super Junior”, …. because I am the leader, I made a promise with the members. I promised with the members, “As a hyung, as a leader, I will sacrifice myself the most. But I will work hard. So let’s spread the name ‘Super Junior’ not just around Korea but across the whole world.” I feel that I have been able to do as promised, so I feel very relieved.

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