Everyone hopes that B1A4’s first showcase in Taiwan will be an unforgettable memory for them, right? Please cooperate with us, practice as much as you can and let B1A4 feel our love!

The content below is what we have prepared:

  • The theme for this showcase is “ B1A4 has finally came to Taiwan”.
  • The following are the events we have prepared:Slogans, Sandeul’s birthday event and the word event.

Content related to the given goods:

  • On Mar. 9 from 12:00~17:00, our support team will be by the fountain next to the TICC ( Xinyi Rd. and Keelung Rd. intersection ). We will give you a slogan according to your seat section.tumblr_inline_mj5zlu9NbR1qz4rgp SAMSUNG
  • 1) Slogan Support
    • Time: After the first support video ends and before the second video starts
    • Participating Area: All areas
    • Directions: Please get your slogans ready when the video starts and don’t let B1A4 know!

    In order for our slogan to be more clear and easy to understand, we have made an instructional video for you to refer to. If you have any questions, please don’t be shy. Leave a message right away or you can ask staff members that day!

    (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXo760jf0jA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    2) Sandeul’s Birthday Event

    • Time: After the two videos end
    • Participating Area: All areas
    • Content: Birthday cake, pig feet + the whole audience singing Happy Birthday
    • Directions: Please start singing the Happy Birthday Song after the staff members push out the birthday cake and pig feet after the two videos end.

    Song Lyrics in Korean version
    생일 축하 합니다 (羅馬拼音: seng yiel chu ka ha mi da / 中文拼音: 誰伊粗卡哈咪打 /カタカナ:センイル チュッカハムニダ)
    생일 축하 합니다 (羅馬拼音: seng yiel chu ka ha mi da / 中文拼音: 誰伊粗卡哈咪打 /カタカナ:センイル チュッカハムニダ)
    사랑하는 산들이 (羅馬拼音: sa-rang ha-nun sandeullie / 中文拼音: 撒郎哈嫩 三得利 /カタカナ:サランハヌン サンドゥリ)
    생일 축하 합니다 (羅馬拼音: seng yiel chu ka ha mi da / 中文拼音: 誰伊 粗卡哈咪打/カタカナ:センイル チュッカハムニダ)

    3) Word Event

    • Time: When singing Only One
    • Participating Area: 2M 1~12 row
    • Directions: There will be boards on the seats. Please raise it in front of your chest and remind your neighbors quietly if they have forgotten.



  • After using the slogan, please don’t throw it away randomly causing trouble for the staff. You can either bring it home or throw it in the trash can outside of the TICC.

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