130421 Interview with Sungmin, Shindong & Kyuhyun Super Junior debut in São Paulo

Q:Super Junior was very commercially successful and had won many awards. What’s next for the group?
Kyuhyun: We want to be an idol group that represents KPOP & maintain our success in a long time.
Shindong: The idea is to keep and protect our current fame. Butinstead of we’re stuck where we arewe strive for progress and change.
Sungmin: We always have new dreams and goals. Now, our goal is to meet new fans at our concerts and have a lasting happiness. I’m eager to know what will happen in the future.

Q:How do Super Junior record a new song in the studio? You guys gather together to record an album?
Kyuhyun: Each member’ll be recorded on the different times that fit their schedules
Shindong: We couldn’t record the whole album from beginning to end.. together. While some members are busy with other things,we communicated with each other by phone.
Sungmin: Generally we can’t record the songs together bcz we’re always busy. But the members all know the feelingwhen we want to pass everything.. just to hear each other’s voices.

Q:You guys always possess a ‘great visual image’. How do you guys prepare for Super Show before it take place ?
Kyuhyun: We’ll makeup,hair styling and prepare costumes with a team that has been working with us for a long time,so we can become very nice to see our fans.
Sungmin:I’ll pray for our fans,band, the public and our staffs.

Q:What to expect from Brazilian fans?
Kyuhyun: You will enjoy and have fun!
Shindong: We are always full of passion. you can expect to see a lot of passion.
Sungmin: We will show you who is Super Junior.

Q:What are the expectations for the show in Brazil? What to expect here?
Kyuhyun:We want to feel the warmth of the performances and the passion of Brazil fans.
ShinDong: I want to feel the passion of Brazil fans, the heat when people dancing and feeling the rhythm. I can’t wait!
Sungmin: I’m nervous bcz this is the first time we met fans here. I want to captivate the hearts of Brazilian fans.

Q:When you think of Brazil, What’s the first thing that comes to mind?
Kyuhyun: Samba! Football! The great people full of passion
Donghae: World Cup. All members of Super Junior love football.
Sungmin: The flag is the first thing that comes to my mind, there’re also the people dancing happily

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130418 Super Junior′s Sungmin to Star in Musical ′Jack the Ripper′ for His Third Year in a Row



Super Junior′s Sungmin will be starring in the musical Jack the Ripper for three years in a row.

According to Sungmin′s agency SM Entertainment on April 18, Sungmin will again be standing onstage for the musical from May 29.

He will be appearing as Daniel, a man who enters a dangerous deal for his lover. He has been playing the role since 2011.

Jack the Ripper is about the serial killings by a man nicknamed Jack the Ripper in Britain in the year 1888. It first started up in 2009, and has since become one of Korea′s representative musicals.

Sungmin has also been appearing in the musical Summer Snow, which has been running in Japan since April 12.

In the meantime, Super Junior will be touring South America for its Super Show 5 from April 21.

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B1A4 Mengkonfirmasi Comeback Mei Mendatang!


Penggemar B1A4 tidak perlu menunggu lebih lama lagi karena comeback idola kalian telah dikonfirmasi yaitu bulan depan!

WM Entertainment mengumumkan, “B1A4 akan comeback pada 6 Mei. Album dan lagu akan dirilis pada hari yang sama, dan B1A4 akan menunjukkan sisi yang berbeda untuk diri mereka sendiri dari apa yang mereka telah tunjukkan sebelumnya.

Mereka berencana untuk memiliki warna yang berbeda dari standar idola. Sehingga kalian bisa berharap untuk itu. ” agensi juga menambahkan bahwa teaser akan mulai dirilis bulan ini.

Apakah kalian tidak sabar?

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