130512 Heechul reveals, “Sungmin will do well in army, Donghae can’t do anything alone”


Super Junior Heechul who is DJ-ing Sungdong Cafe as a part of his public service in the army talked about his members and army life.

On May 10, Heechul shared a story about which member he and Kangin think will do well in public life (army).

Heechul proudly said that it’s Sungmin. He said, “He looks pretty but he is really manly. He will really do it well.” He added that Shindong and Eunhyuk will also do well.

However, if there are members who will do well, there is also one who he thinks can’t. He revealed that it’s his dongsaeng Donghae. Heechul explained that he is most worried towards Donghae because he easily gets lonely when he’s alone. He said,  ”If he’s alone, he can’t do anything. So I think he can’t do public life well.”

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130322 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul [Transcript]

Someone left a message saying that Heenim’s hair looks like Eunhyuk now. Heenim dropped his pen immediately. Hahahaha

Heenim: After I cut my hair and look in the mirror, I told myself that I should take more care. As time goes on, it’s more obvious (age) on my face..

Heenim said that YoonA and Taeyeon always ask him “Ya!! Oppa! Aren’t you gonna cut your hair? You really look like a beggar!” People around him also objected to his previous hairstyle.

Someone messaged to say “Oppa you look really good today.” Heenim: “How much do you all dislike my previous style? I even wore cute hats on purpose.”

Heenim said that whenever he sees messages from overseas fans, he’ll suspect if they’re koreans cos their korean is too good!

Someone dedicated a song from SechsKies’ 1st album but he’s already playing song from their 2nd album. Heenim: someone who keeps my promise. I can’t play it today, but I’ll play it someday. If I’ve already discharged from army, I’ll play it if I’m doing radio outside. No matter what, I’ll play it once for you before I die.

I asked Heenim if he’ll go to tmr’s concert.
Heenim: I don’t know where is the venue. Our Suju members have been practising everyday cos of this concert. Kangin kept asking me to go cos it’s his first performance after many years. SsamD also asked me to go his concert but I rejected all cos I don’t want to be in the public’s eyes while I still have 5 months to go in the army.

Heenim: When I had an accident, Zhoumi was a trainee in SM. He visited me in the hospital very often, so I like him a lot. Yesterday, he uploaded my photo on weibo cos I forgot my weibo password. Thank you.

Heenim’s sis is a huge fan of SechsKies. When SechsKies announced that they’re disbanding, my sis cried a lot while watching their last stage. When I saw that, I was also sad cos I’m a human. So I didn’t snatch her remote control and just watched quietly.

Heenim: Other than those driving, everyone stand up and move to this song!

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