130423 – twitter – sandeul

2주년 기념 파티중~!!ㅎㅎ 흑흑 벌써 2주년이라니… 이런날이 올지 몰랐는데ㅜㅜ 2년동안 함께해준 바나 진짜진짜 고맙고 완전 축하함!!! 금방 올테니까 쪼금만 기다려줘용~ pic.twitter.com/9UzYJ7qBSk


In the middle of our 2nd anniversary party~!! ㅎㅎ sob sob To think that it’s already our 2nd anniversary… I didn’t know this day would come ㅜㅜ Thank you so, so much to BANAs who have been with us for 2 years, and I totally congratulate you!!! We’ll be coming back really soon, so just wait a bit please~

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130422 – twitter – sandeul

바나~이틀동안 못난 우리 보러오고 응원해주느라 고생많았어요~~!!우리 이제 자주 만날날이 얼마남지 않았어요~~!!씐난다!! pic.twitter.com/wjWnx8Czop


Bana~ You guys went through a lot of trouble to come see and cheer for the foolish us for two days~~!! There isn’t a lot of time left till we’re able to see each other often~~!! I’m excited!!

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팬분들 얘기듣고 연습끝난후 산책할겸 걸어서 가봤어요^^ 늘 함께 해주는 것만으로도 감동인데 이렇게 제 생일까지 기억해줘서 정말 고마워요. 역시 바나는 감동꾸러미~!

After hearing about it from fans, I took a visit and walked over there after practice ended ^^ I’m touched just from the fact that you’ve always been by my side but to remember my birthday like this too, really thank you. As expected, BANAs are really touching~!

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