Body: I’ve been using _ _ shopping since long ago
and I am annoyed because I was betrayed

I won’t be VIP customer anymore!!
You made me wait 2 weeks to tell me it’s sold out ==

what was my waiting for? WHAT?

I don’t update about things like this on internet often but
this one is seriously bad
In phone conference, they told me was to talk to the seller
and just gave me the phone number…


Source: http://blog.naver.com/ittiban/80175981984
Translation by @NKSubs

121209 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook – “My small body is my inferiority” RW

(Talking about a listener who worries about having big head)

Min: Maybe you should try exercising. Exercise will help build muscles around your shoulder and make your shoulder becomes broader. Or maybe you should try massage that make faces look smaller.
Wook: That sounds hurtful…
Min: It does hurt >< But in order to cure, you need to tolerate it!


Wook: My small body is my inferiority but I think maybe if i’m 5 cm taller, my face would have been a bit bigger too. ^^; So for that being small is better.
Min: Because you are short so your face is small?
Wook: Because that listener is tall so…
Min: Did that listener write the word ‘tall’ anywhere?
Wook: I think he/she is suppose to be tall ^^; because the body is big so that might leads to thinking that he/she has big head, maybe…


Listener: Do you have any occupational disease? (Meaning: something that usually happens with people in certain occupation)
Min: When i recieved a call that says ‘Hello, customer’, i instantly respond ‘Hello, we’re Super Junior!’ ^^; And when the respond was ‘Ah…Yes…?’, i was very embarassed.
Wook: When i push the button to pick up the interphone inside our dorm, i say “We’re Super Junior” ^^;
Min: Also when i walk the street, i can’t let people recognize me so i have to wear hat to cover my face. But when i think people starting to notice i need to run away!
Wook: that’s right! ^^ But lately if i’m recognized by someone, i just let it be that way. I don’t really care very much. ^^; Also when i go to the restaurant. The owner ask me “Can you please sign…?” So i said ” Where’s the cardboard and pen?” But it turned out the owner was asking me to sign the receipt! I was really embarassed! ><””
Min: Ahahaha! I used to travel to Pusan and someone said to me “please take a picture” so i posed but they handed me their camera instead~!
Wook: to Sungmin-ssi? They didn’t recognize you?
Min: i think so… ^^;
Wook: We should try harder! ^^;


Wook: Sungmin-ssi is good at knitting ~
Min: i used to knit in the past ^^
Wook: you have been knitting since many years ago right?
Min: Eh? Wook: You’re still doing it at the dorm, right!
Min: No! But i did knit during school years..
Wook: Don’t lie! Because you’re still knitting till now! Min: Even though there’s no one to give it to….

Source: Japanese Translation: miya (miyahee09)
English Translation: ♥ (kyuminupdates) 
Via : sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid