Youku Celebrity Interview with Super Junior M [Transcript] – From 130108

Our question was: What changes in were there in everyone in this album?
Kyuhyun said Eunhyuk changed the most, that he used to look so bad, no one could look at him, but he looks much better now. Then Eunhyuk didn’t admit to it, but all the other members agreed that he really looked ugly in the past! In the end Eunhyuk expressed that he’d work even harder to look handsome.

Eunhyuk wanted the MC to call him Oppa, then the MC said she’s probably older than them. Then Kyuhyun pointed at Sungmin and said, “You can call him that, he’s already 30!” Sungmin nodded and went, “Come, call me Oppa.”

Sungmin said that the biggest change in this album is that he’s forgotten all the Chinese!

Credit: House蓝
Translation by: @kikiikyu
via : by jazzzyjam