121214 Demaclub Interview With Leeteuk

Interviewer: Is there any food you find particularly delicious in the military?

Teuk: Back when I was outside, I really disliked drinking milk . But after enlisting, whenever they gave out milk I would drink all of it, I even drank what the others couldn’t finish. Before enlisting, I also disliked eating rice, but now I eat every single grain on the plate without wasting anything. Also chocopies! I was the blood-donation ambassador for 4 years. When the employees of the blood donation drive came, I realized I’ve worked with the person prior. Because we knew each other, the person gave me 8 chocopies, 4 mandarin oranges, and 2 bags of cookies. I never realized I actually like chocopie this much!

Source: demaclub.tistory.com
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Q. After ending your training at the training centre, how have you been ever since you transferred here?
I enlisted on the 30th of October. I received my training diligently at the Recruit Training Centre and after I finished the training, I was transferred here and have been working hard for the 6.25 musical that the Ministry of National Defence will be producing. (Because) I received my training diligently so my stamina seems to have worn out so I was worried if I could do well for the musical but now that practice has already started(,) I am living on with a pleasant mindset.

Q. On the first day at the Recruit Training Centre, what thoughts did you have before you slept?
Firstly(,) the people who has already came to the army told me a lot that it is really hard and lonely but I enlisted with Soldier Lee Sangchul(Sangchu) so we talked a lot so it seems that there wasn’t much loneliness. The 3 days that I was at the reserve centre(,) I kept thinking “am I really here at the army now?” and it didn’t feel real.


Q. Was there a training at the training centre that was memorable?
The things that we hear easily and experience in our everyday life(,) there are a lot of restrictions after you come to the army. Come to think of it(,) I’ve came to discover that there are little things that I became thankful for and little things that makes me feel happy. Because of that(,) all (the trainings) were memorable but if I have to pick one(,) it would be shooting. Doing live firing with a loaded gun for the first time in my life, I did well for the day shooting and the night shooting etc so I received the “Shooting King” commendation from the Division Commander and that seems to be the most unforgettable moment of my life.

Q. Is there a food that especially became delicious after you’ve enlisted to the army?
Actually(,) before I enlisted(,) I can’t drink fresh milk well but during the period when I was receiving educational training(,) whenever there is fresh milk(,) the guy that was next to me will drink it to the point where there was nothing left. Before(I enlisted,) I didn’t eat well but at the training centre(,) I really didn’t even leave a grain of rice and ate everything cleanly. And the chocopie that I have to mention.. the blood donation car came and (because) I was the ambassador for blood donation for about 4 years so I thought that I have to donate blood but the person who came here was someone I’ve worked with before so that person treated me chocopies. I ate 8 chocopies. I also ate 4 tangerines and 2 boxes of cookies(.) It was memorable that I ate so many chocopies to the degree that I didn’t even know I liked it this much.

Source: demaclub.tistory.com
Translation by: @teukables
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