[NEWS]120914 B1A4’s Jin Young Could Have Died After Swallowing Giant Nail


The first thing children do with things in their hands is to put it in their mouths. For B1A4’s Jin Young, that item happened to be a giant nail.

Currently fathers on KBS Joy’s B1A4’s Hello Baby, the B1A4 members were educated on the dangers of children in terms of traffic, food, and strangers.

During the lessons, Jin Young openly shared a time in his life when he barely escaped death when he put a large nail into his mouth, shocking the other members.

He added that the nail was on the verge of passing through his throat, when his mother caught him and pulled the nail out in time to prevent any permanent damage from happening.

Due to his personal trauma, Jin Young stressed the importance of keeping specific items out of children’s reach and teaching children what kind of things they can and cannot eat.

The episode will air on September 14.

Photo Credit: KBS Joy
Article by enewsworld
Via: alwaysb1a4indo.com