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There’s one K-Pop idol group that’s so huge, it’s impossible to ignore. The sheer number of members in the group, their undying popularity, and the total number of awards that they’ve won in their musical career. In fact, this SM Entertainment idol group is so huge, we don’t really know where to begin profiling its 13 members – at least we know for a fact that at their peak, they had 13 members.

Super Junior originally debuted in 2005 with 12 members consisting of leader Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kibum. In 2006, Kyunhyun joined the group. It was said that Super Junior, unlike most K-Pop idol groups, would experience line-up changes off and on again, with new members replacing selected members every year to keep the group “fresh”. Hence the rotations that followed suit over the years. Continue reading

[NEWS][2013.01.04] B1A4, “B1A4 who were teased as copying papers; Now 130,000 people are crazy about them”



데뷔 2년만에 차세대 아이돌 스타로 뜬 B1A4
데뷔 초 복사용지? 주차구획? 놀림
혈액형 따라 지은 이름,이젠 알아줘
첫 콘서트 ‘여심 몰이’ 5분만에 매진
‘불후의 명곡’ 출연 아버지 팬까지 섭렵
남자 다섯, 우리들 힘은 오직 연습
여자들에 흔들릴까봐 외출도 멀리
음악 방송 1위하는 날까지 고고씽!

남성그룹 B1A4(비원에이포). 2011년 4월 데뷔하면서 ‘새로 나온 복사용지냐?’ ‘꽃보다 남자(F4) 따라하기냐’는 등 놀림의 말을 듣던 이들은 데뷔 3년차를 맞은 요즘 ‘누가 B형이에요?’라는 질문을 자주 받는다.

진영, 바로, 산들, 신우, 공찬으로 이뤄진 B1A4는 혈액형 B형 1명, A형 4명으로 구성됐다는 점에 착안한 이름이다. 이들의 작명 배경이 웬만큼 알려질 정도로 B1A4는 지난 2년 사이 폭넓은 대중의 사랑을 받으며 ‘차세대 아이돌 톱스타’로 성장했다.

“복사용지 말고도, 혈액형 이름 때문에 ‘피돌'(피+아이돌)이란 말도 들었고, 어떤 라디오 DJ는 ‘지하 1층 A구역 4열에 주차해 놨다’고 우릴 소개하기도 했다. 이름 풀이를 해주면 항상 ‘B형이 누구냐’, ‘혼자 B형이라 외롭지 않냐’는 질문이 되돌아온다. 이름을 참 잘 지었다 생각한다. 뜻만 알면 절대 잊혀지지 않는 이름이고, 늘 호기심을 유발하는 이름 아닌가.”

B1A4는 최근 팬클럽 카페 회원수가 13만 명을 돌파했고, 지난달 벌인 첫 콘서트는 1만석이 예매 5분 만에 매진될 만큼 강력한 팬덤을 가졌다. 소녀 팬, ‘누나’ 팬들이 대다수이지만, 지난해 KBS 2TV ‘불후의 명곡2’에 출연하면서 ‘이모 팬’은 물론 ‘아버지 팬’까지 공략했다.

데뷔 당시 자신들의 실제 성격과 개성을 반영한 만화를 제작해 화제를 모은 이들은 첫 해 각종 시상식에서 신인상을 휩쓸었다. 작년에도 최근작 ‘걸어본다’가 싸이의 ‘강남스타일’에 밀려 KBS 2TV ‘뮤직뱅크’ 등에서 2위에 머물렀지만, 괄목할 만한 성장세를 보였다.

스스로 “모두 시골 출신이고 성격도 비슷하다”고 소개하는 이들은 자신들의 매력을 ‘친근함’으로 꼽는다. 데뷔 때부터 팬들과 SNS를 통한 격의 없는 소통, 만화를 통한 자기소개, 방송 카메라 앞에서의 가식 없는 행동 등이 팬들을 사로잡았다.

멤버간의 ‘수다’는 B1A4를 강하게 만드는 힘이다. 연습생 때부터 주1회 ‘대화의 시간’을 가져온 이들은 얼마 전에는 자정부터 이튿날 오전 9시까지 수다를 떨었다. 서로 칭찬도 해주고 지적도 하며 화제가 샛길로 빠지기도 하지만 “덕분에 사이도 좋아지고, 싸울 일도 없어”진다.

“우리는 자신보다 다른 멤버를 먼저 생각하고 배려하는 팀이다. 5년째 같이 살다보니 형제애가 두텁다. 팬들은 이런 우리의 모습을 좋아한다. 형제같이 잘 챙겨주고 다정다감한 모습들을 좋아한다.”

B1A4의 성공에는 연습 밖에 모르는 일상도 힘이 됐다. B1A4에는 음주자도, 흡연자도 없다. 최근 회식에서 소속사 대표가 잔을 권했지만, 이들은 극구 청량음료로 건배할 정도로 술을 멀리 한다. 도보로 3분 거리의 숙소와 소속사를 오가며 매일 연습에 매달린다. 리더 진영은 연습생 시절 배운 작곡 실력으로 이젠 음반의 타이틀곡을 쓰는 실력을 갖추게 됐다. 여가시간이 생겨도 외출 대신 멤버들끼리 보드게임을 즐긴다. 이성에 대한 호기심이 많을 20대 초반이지만, 여성들의 대시도 무시한다.

“사실 우리도 피 끓는 남자들인데, 가끔 (유혹에)흔들릴 때도 있다. 그럴 때마다 데뷔할 때 다짐을 되새기며 꾹 참는다.”

B1A4는 새해에는 “음악방송 1위”와 “케이팝 전파의 선두주자”가 되는 것을 목표로 잡았다. 이들은 작년 일본에서 3장의 싱글과 1장의 앨범을 발표해 오리콘 차트 2위까지 올랐다.

“B1A4란 이름에 사람들이 ‘아, 그 친구들?’이라며 친근함과 호감을 나타내는, 그런 그룹이 되고 싶다. 전 세대가 고루 좋아하는 그룹 말이다.”


After debuting for 2 years, B1A4 grew as the next generation idol star
“Copying papers” during the beginning of their debut? “Parking stalls”? Teased
The group name stands for the members blood types, now please understand
Tickets for their first concert- “hunts the hearts of women”, sold out in 5 minutes
Appears in “Immortal Songs” and extends their influence even to “father fans”
Five men, our strength is only practice
They stay away from going out because they might be swayed by women
Till the day they win first place on music program, go go go!

Male group B1A4. They made their debut in 2011 April and heard teasing comments like, “Is it a new type of copying papers?”, “Are they copying Boys over Flowers(F4)?” but now in the third year after their debut, they are frequently asked the following question “Who is type B?”.

B1A4 consists of member Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, Gongchan and the idea of their group name came from 1 type B and 4 type A members. The meaning behind the naming of their group is known by a fairly large number of people. Within the last 2 years, B1A4 received love from fans from different age groups and advanced as the “next generation top idol star”

“Besides copying papers we’ve heard people calling us ‘blood-dol’ (blood+idol) because of our blood type group name and one of the radio DJs said ‘I parked my car in the first floor basement, 4th row in area A.’ when introducing us. When we explain the name of our group, questions like “Who is type B?”, “Don’t you feel lonely because you’re the only type B?” bounces back at us. We think we have named our group really well. If they know the proper meaning, it’s a name that will never be forgotten and it’s a name that always triggers curiosity.”

Recently, B1A4 passed 130,000 members on their fan cafe and having a strong fandom, around 10,000 seats for their first concert which was held last month were sold out in 5 minutes. Although majority of their fans are young girls and ‘noona’ fans, they captured ‘aunt’ fans and of course, the ‘father’ fans as well after appearing on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2″ last year.

The group who attracted the attention with their webtoon series which were created based on the members’ real personalities and their own characteristics swept many rookie awards in their first year. Even last year, their latest track “Tried to Walk” had to remain in the second place on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” because of Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, however, this showed a remarkable growth.

This group who says, “We are all from countryside and we have similar personalities” when introduce themselves picks “familiarity” as their charm. Even before their debut, they freely communicated with their fans through SNS, introducing themselves through cartoon and captured fans with their unpretentious actions in front of the cameras.

Talking with members is the strength that makes B1A4 strong. Since their trainee days, they had their “moment for talking” once every week but recently they talked from midnight until next morning 9 am. They complement each other, point out mistakes and digress but they said “Thanks to this we become more closer and we don’t have reasons to fight”.

“We are a team that thinks and cares about other members before oneself. Because we have lived together for 5 years, our brotherly affection is strong. Our fans like our thoughts. They like seeing us taking care of each other like brothers.”

Only knowing to practice as a part of their daily life also became the strength of B1A4’s success. In B1A4 there are no drinkers or smokers. Recently, the representative of their agency asked them to drink a glass at a dinner but they stay far away from alcoholic drink that they flatly raised their soft drinks to toast. They hold on to their practices everyday by travelling from their dorm to company which takes 3 minutes when walking. Leader Jinyoung’s composing skill which he learnt since his trainee days is now qualified to use it for their album’s title track. Even when they are given their own time, instead of going out the members enjoy playing board games together. They are in their early twenties, when one has curiosities about opposite sex but they ignore when they are asked out by ladies.

“Honestly, we are still young and active men and we do have times when we are shaken(by temptation). Whenever that happens, I remind myself with the promises I made when we were debuting.”

B1A4 selected “First place on music program” and to become the “Front-runners of KPOP wave” as their aims for the new year. Last year, the group released 3 single albums and 1 full album in Japan and climbed to second place on the Oricon Chart.

“We want to become a group that represents familiarity and amiable when people hear the name “B1A4” and say “Ah, those boys?”. The group that is liked by all generation.”



Article Credits: donga via daum + GLYNX @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

Translation: Mochi Muffins @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM