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Minkyu hyung is amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Hurry and make it next week!! She’s Wow is the best ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

우와한녀보고 이분 팬됐음…하앍 http://instagram.com/p/YQCCwdMOSg/<spanp;

After watching She’s Wow, I became this person’s fan…

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At the press conference held on 15 April 2013 2PM at Sangam-dong CJ E&M Centre, B1A4’s Jinyoung spoke up about being casted in tvN new drama’s She is Wow.


Jinyoung talked about being cast in a rated 19+ drama, commenting that “it may be very different from the image of me the fans have been seeing.”  He revealed that “I thought it was very different from my actual self but I started thinking whether I really have this side to myself too” and “I’ve grown more attached and it’s more interesting. It’ll be a new image for the fans too, so I think they will watch it interestingly too.”


Jinyoung said that he secretly monitored (the comments) the fancafe often. “When I read them, half of them are worried and the other half looking forward to how I will turn out. My role is that of a problem child, but my image is not so and I think I’m quite caring. In some way, I worried a lot because I was supposed to be a problem child of a legendary level.”


Continuing on, Jinyoung said that “there are no revealing scenes and even though there is a kiss scene, it is not that sort of kiss scene. In a more interesting terminology, it’s the head-butting of lips. I was worried about it being rated 19+, but luckily it’s 15+. I definitely feel more comfortable.”


Jinyoung chose his role models as he watched the numerous idols take on acting in dramas and movies while singing. He brought up Park Yoochun, who was reborn perfectly as an acting-idol throughSungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince. “I really like senior Park Yoochun’s acting. I felt that his acting was authentic.” He also mentioned being impressed by senior TOP‘s acting in 71 Into The Fire, commenting that even though the other actors were also cool, he could feel what TOP was trying to express with just his eyes. He revealed that “recently, I have also been practicing acting with my eyes.”


Jinyoung said “even though I did monitor my scene at the filming location, I’m worried about whether it will turn out well when made into the real episode.” When asked about Jinyoung’s acting, Oh Hyunkyung clapped while revealing that she was surprised at how much better Jinyoung was than expected.


B1A4 member Jinyoung commented that “this is my first time challenging acting. Maybe because it’s my first time, the director worried a lot. Not only did he do a character analysis with me, he also helped a lot”, offering his thanks. He also said that “there are members who have had acting experience so I received a lot of advice.Member Sandeul had experience with a musical so he offered to practice the script with me. I was really happy that the members took interest in my acting.”


He elaborated that “Sandeul took on the female character and was totally engrossed in acting.” He continued on to say “there was a scene that I cannot explain here [T/N: the kiss scene mentioned below], but he helped me out while being all immersed in his emtions. I am really thankful that the members are giving me so much interest.”


Ahn Sunyoung then exposed that “the day before today, Jinyoung said that he had his first kiss in 6 years and today his expression looks good“, causing Jinyoung to say flusteredly that he didn’t have his first kiss at 17 years old but it was his first peck.


Jinyoung honestly confessed the ranking of acting ability in his team. When he received the question of who acts well in the group from a reporter, he said that “CNU did a drama, and Sandeul did a musical so it is hard to make a comparison.” Upon being asked to rank them, he said that “both of them are good. I can’t really choose one. But I think I am not faring any worse than Sandeul and CNU,” arousing laughter. He also received the question of which acting-dol around him seems exceptional, to which he answered that he doesn’t treat them as competitors and that all of them are amazing.


Even though Jinyoung has been gaining popularity as the ‘composer-dol’ amongst idol group members, he revealed at his happiness through a confession that “at the same time I debuted as a singer, I wanted to act too. And luckily a good drama came in. I’m excited and happy to be getting closer to yet another one of life’s new chances. Jinyoung is currently studying acting in Cheongju National University. [T/N: The original article says Chungju National University 충주대, but it is confirmed by Jinyoung to be Cheongju National University 청주대.] 


She is Wow talks about the stories of national announcer Gong Junghan (played by Park Sungwoong) and top female actress Jo Ara (played by Oh Hyunkyung) living desperately as a “show window” couple so as to not break the illusion of living a perfect life. Cast includes Oh Hyunkyung, Park Sungwoong, Han Jungsu, Ahn Sunyoung, B1A4’s Jinyoung, Kwon Yul and more. The first episode will air on 18 April at 11PM and will continue every Thursday.




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[BTS] “She is Wow” Menampilkan B1A4 Jinyoung


Drama terbaru TVN ‘She is Wow’ telah merilis video Behind the scene, membiarkan Andamelihat interaksi antara para pemain.

Para pemain dari drama baru terlihat akan melakukan pembacaan naskah mereka sertapemotretan untuk poster. Jinyoung B1A4 telah dikonfirmasi untuk drama, dan meskipun dia cukup baru di hal ini, dia dilaporkan melakukan dengan baik di antara aktor sunbaenya.

Jinyoung memainkan anak dari dua karakter utama, dan merupakan pengacau lengkap dengan mulut kotor yang hidup dari ketenaran orang tuanya. Simak video BTS di bawah ini.Drama ini akan mulai ditayangkan pada tanggal 18 April.


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