130110 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

Lady Jane and Sungmin asked why does Ryeowook dress with style today, did he go anywhere special?
Wook: yes. I did, i went to incheon today.
Min: for what? Did you have a date? *exciting voice*
Wook: i went home to mom and dad, and had tteok guk (tteok soup) too.
After that, both Sungmin and Lady Jane look bored.


(Talking about looking younger than real age)
Min: People said that about me too.
Wook: Yes indeed. You have such a baby face. You look like 28 even though you’re 29.
Min: *shock for a second* … What is that? I can even be recognized as a high school student!
Wook: Ok! Hahaha! You actually look very young. During the year end last year, we performed in China and we shared the fitting room with EXO. And then, when Sungmin-ssi was standing with them, i feel like he’s actually in the same age as EXO. Other SJ members feel the same way too.
Min: Oh~ thank you! Then, i promise i’ll keep my baby face the same throughout 2013^^


(Today’s letter is about the feeling of a woman whose little brother has been enlisted, so Sungmin talks about Lee-teuk’s enlistment)
Min: Before he went, we thought something like ‘yeah, it’s just an enlistment, he’ll be back and we’ll be fine’, but when he actually left, i felt a bit sad and the dorm feels somewhat empty.
Wook: There were so many fans sending him in that day, right? So Lee-teuk hyung didn’t get to say good bye to us properly. He stayed only for a sec and went in. My feeling was like ‘oh no… It can’t…it can’t be like this’

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English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
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This time, they talked about Channie’s butt …
After showering, Deul Deul [T/N: Sandeul] saw that Channie’s butt is very protrusive, so he slapped it, surprising Channie.
Baro said there are many different types of good butts.
Sandeul’s butt also looks good, but it’s the kind with a lot of meat on it, making it really soft. Channie’s is very elastic, the type that has a lot of muscle.
Lastly, he ended it by saying it looks like a cute orange…peat (T/N: I didn’t understand this random part either —.—“)
[Jinyoung, hurry and drag the kids out!]

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Ryeowook said the guys look a look skinnier now, that their faces are smaller.

Baro refused and said, “Not five people. It’s actually only the four of us, excluding Sandeul.”

Baro said he’s worked hard to get a fitter body, but Sandeul has been working really hard to just maintain his figure.

Baro even told everyone his secret, which was not to eat anything about six at night, and try not to have any midnight snacks.

But from a few days before going to recording events, he started to eat again.

source: http://weibo.com/shinwoocnu

chin-eng trans cr: lilstarriegrl @ AVIATEB1A4

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[121213 SUKIRA] I also hate being called “ajjussi”(uncle) … TT – Sungmin

Wook: Today, Sungmin-ssi’s hat is quite lovely~^^!
Min: Oh! it’s the first time that someone said my hat is cute today. ////
Wook: (seeing that happy reaction) … It’s not that amazingly lovely though… *laughs*
Min: ….


Min: I also hate being called “ajjussi”(uncle) … TT
Wook: Ajjussi~^^
Min: What~><
Wook: what about this Ajjussi… Hairstyle? *laughs*
Min: there’s a listener who wants to go back to the past, the past where there was HOT’s moon hee-joon ajjussi…? Ah the hairstyle was… Er… G… Great ! ^^; *laughs*

(Note: wook and min were playing with their hair and make it look like hit hairstyle during HOT period : picture credit : isungmincc)


Min: Last week’s night snack theme was “white bread”. Ryeowook-ssi said that “if you put it in the microwave for 1 minute, then it would become crispy and delicious”. So i tried, but it turned out that some parts were crispy and some parts were very hard. TT
Wook: What i said was it would be good to put a baguette in~^^;


Wook: Today corner’s is about “sweet potato” ~^^
Min: I used have a stylelist with Sweet potato as a nickname. (*´∀`*)
Guest: Why sweet potato? *laughs*
Min: Because he/she looks just like sweet potato *laughs* Sorry~ Suddenly i’m thinking about the past…^^;


Wook: We occasionally make “gogumalatte” (mashed sweet potatoes mixed with milk and put in microwave) and drink it at our dorm.^^


Wook: i don’t really like Sundae
(korean sausage generally made with cow or pig’s intestine)
Min: But a lot of our members really like it! ~ especially Donghae-ssi! ^^


Guest: for me, i liked candied sweet potato the most in all food cooked with sweet potato~^^
Min: Ryeowook-ssi is pretty good at cooking it!
Wook: today i just made and ate it♥

(Note: candied sweet potato is made by coating deep-fried sweet potatoes with caramelised syrup or honey)


Wook: there’s a listener who said “suddenly, when it became night time, things got worse. But listening to Minwook DJ’s voice on Sukira is like a cure.~ TT thank you” ^^
Min: It’s us who need to thank you for listening, with gratitudes~ TT Thank you so much. ^^

Japanese translated: @rinpachi1031
English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)


[121212 SUKIRA] Sungmin – Ryeowook “i’m Hungry T.T” – Sungmin

Min: Suddenly I want to eat roasted sweet potato~><
Wook: There he’s talking about eating again *laughs*
Min: I’m hungry~TT


After blasting out that he was hungry, Sungmin kept on talking about food.
He said he wanted to eat meat and Samgyetang (Korean Chicken Soup).
He better grab something to eat. xD


Min: A little while ago I was told that my hair style looked similar to Mi’s *laughs*.
Mi: Really?
Jisoo: Looks like Samurai, cute^^


(After male guest singing)

Min: There is a letter came from Japan. “Although I can’t understand the conversation, you guys are all good singers^^”
Mi: Woah^^ Thank you so much (said in Japanese)
Min: Ah I feel so good *laughs*

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121210 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook – “The oil on Leeteuk-ssi’s face, it’s really~~amazing *laughs*” RW

Wook: We’ve just opened the song of One More Chance (today’s guest) called “If you closed your eyes”. Sungmin-ssi likes this song, right? ^^
Min: Yes. It is beautifully calming. i think One More Chance’s song have healing power. ^^

(Translator’s note: If i’m not wrong, the song is called 눈을 감으면, this is the link to listen to it on youtube.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VEPQ64loMEI )


Wook: The oil on Leeteuk-ssi’s face, it’s really~~amazing *laughs*
Min: That’s why his nickname is “Ketteukky”. But i think people who has oily skin have healthy skin.
One(guest): But fat that is hidden within the stomach is even more critical than oily faces.


Wook: Sungmin-ssi, do you do things like sending your brother a letter?Min: Because we’re guys, so we don’t do things like exchanging letters. But instead we frequently give each other a call. And mail. When he has problem, he would contact me^^ Wook: I actually don’t have any younger brother or sister. But my cousin, F.I.X’s Jungwook, does contact me lately. Min: I was thinking maybe you will talk about Hyungsik again~ *laughs* Wook: No No~ *laughs* However, i’m older so i should be concerned about Jungwook …^^;

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