130110 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

Lady Jane and Sungmin asked why does Ryeowook dress with style today, did he go anywhere special?
Wook: yes. I did, i went to incheon today.
Min: for what? Did you have a date? *exciting voice*
Wook: i went home to mom and dad, and had tteok guk (tteok soup) too.
After that, both Sungmin and Lady Jane look bored.


(Talking about looking younger than real age)
Min: People said that about me too.
Wook: Yes indeed. You have such a baby face. You look like 28 even though you’re 29.
Min: *shock for a second* … What is that? I can even be recognized as a high school student!
Wook: Ok! Hahaha! You actually look very young. During the year end last year, we performed in China and we shared the fitting room with EXO. And then, when Sungmin-ssi was standing with them, i feel like he’s actually in the same age as EXO. Other SJ members feel the same way too.
Min: Oh~ thank you! Then, i promise i’ll keep my baby face the same throughout 2013^^


(Today’s letter is about the feeling of a woman whose little brother has been enlisted, so Sungmin talks about Lee-teuk’s enlistment)
Min: Before he went, we thought something like ‘yeah, it’s just an enlistment, he’ll be back and we’ll be fine’, but when he actually left, i felt a bit sad and the dorm feels somewhat empty.
Wook: There were so many fans sending him in that day, right? So Lee-teuk hyung didn’t get to say good bye to us properly. He stayed only for a sec and went in. My feeling was like ‘oh no… It can’t…it can’t be like this’

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English translated: Natz (@kyuminupdates)
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This time, they talked about Channie’s butt …
After showering, Deul Deul [T/N: Sandeul] saw that Channie’s butt is very protrusive, so he slapped it, surprising Channie.
Baro said there are many different types of good butts.
Sandeul’s butt also looks good, but it’s the kind with a lot of meat on it, making it really soft. Channie’s is very elastic, the type that has a lot of muscle.
Lastly, he ended it by saying it looks like a cute orange…peat (T/N: I didn’t understand this random part either —.—“)
[Jinyoung, hurry and drag the kids out!]

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Ryeowook said the guys look a look skinnier now, that their faces are smaller.

Baro refused and said, “Not five people. It’s actually only the four of us, excluding Sandeul.”

Baro said he’s worked hard to get a fitter body, but Sandeul has been working really hard to just maintain his figure.

Baro even told everyone his secret, which was not to eat anything about six at night, and try not to have any midnight snacks.

But from a few days before going to recording events, he started to eat again.

source: http://weibo.com/shinwoocnu

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[TRANS] 130101 Kim Heechul’s Fancafe Kiseki Message –

There’s no need to say things like “Happy New Year” between us, firstly I need to get out of the army first. I hope it will be like the lost of time.. But there’s nothing I can do about it.. I am really keke…

Recently I haven’t been using Twiter, Weibo, using nothing. There’s nothing much to communicate.

Like what I’ve said, no news means good news. I’ve been living well.
After work at 6pm I will dash home, use my left leg toe to switch on the computer. When the computer is starting up, I will dash over to pack clothes and other stuff.
Once the computer starts up, I will log in to LOL, and play till 11pm. After 11pm I will rest and the next day at 7am a new day starts.

I thought I will be able to get a girlfriend while serving the army… It’s impossible.
Instead, I thought that it would be a waste to find a girlfriend when I have personal time. Using this time to play a game is better.

Of course, “I haven’t been going out with girls, I’ve been staying at home” I won’t say such lies. Because all of you would definitely think that “Kim Heechul is lying”

Get into a relationship quickly. I feel that human beings must have a relationship to live on. But you all can’t stay at home and face 2D (game images) like me. Even though I said that, my situation is really pathetic.

Do you remember? I used to say I don’t like kids and I don’t know what to do?
Do you remember? I used to say I don’t like kids and I don’t know what to do?

But, recently I think kids are really really cute ?_?
I want to have a kid who looks like me quickly~
I have no intention to get married, I just want a kid who looks like me (+.+)

I told my mum, “I’m lazy to get married, I just want a kid of my own”. I could feel that she sighed and smiled helplessly.

No matter what, I’ve been living pretty well. All of you have to live well too. I want to go play my games now.

Kim Heechul’s quote: Although the characters in games will never leave me, but they will make women leave me.

Ah. And also, I will start doing radio broadcast from Friday onwards again.

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